Vicky Roberts

Sponsored by: Red Badge Group
Fighting for: Cure Kids

Operations Manager Vicky Roberts is no stranger to challenge, working in the security industry and volunteering her time as a firefighter with the Governors Bay Brigade. Her intensive training under renowned trainer, himself a pro boxer, Nort Beauchamp will be sure to provide one heck of a fight as she squares up against Kimberley this November!


Kimberley Rose

Sponsored by: High Fly Roofing
Fighting for: Conductive Education

Office Manager Kimberley Rose is a dedicated mother who is also a hardworking member of the HighFly Roofing team. With some previous experience in martial arts, Kimberley has a solid foundation - but boxing is new to her as she enters the ring for her first formal fight. Working hard with Fitzy at Ara Institute of Canterbury, this fiery young woman has passion to burn!


MIKE Davidson

Sponsored by: Davidson Legal
Fighting for: Cure Kids

Christchurch City Councillor Mike Davidson jumped at the chance to take on the challenge this year. A boxing novice but keen sportsman, Mike is no stranger to pushing himself - having competed in the Coast to Coast, Christchurch Marathon AND Le Race, this year.



Sponsored by: Walker Davey Searell
Fighting for: Conductive Education

Assistant Coach for the back-to-back title winning BNZ Crusaders, Brad Mooar's most recent duels have been won from the safety of a good 100m away. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Brad has decided this is a great chance to test himself both mentally and physically.


Justin wallace

Sponsored by: Walco Events
Fighting for: Conductive Education

Justin's long affinity with the OneStaff Fight For Christchurch came to fruition this year as he raised his hand to take to the ring! Event Manager for Walco Events, Justin fights for Conductive Education and has been working hard with trainer Garey Burgess.


Chris Timbs

Sponsored by: Peter Timbs Meats
Fighting for: Cure Kids

A name synonymous with Canterbury, Chris Timbs is a butcher with Peter Timbs Meats. Rumoured to be training his left hook both at work and at the gym, will Chris take the prize in this unmissable bout? Backed by Fitzy and his rigourous training schedule, this bout might just be a photo finish!


Mananui Ramsden

Sponsored by: Te Rūnanga o Koukourārata
Fighting for: Cure Kids

Cultural Land Management Advisor for Environment Canterbury, Mananui is passionate about empowering farming communities to implement the values of local iwi Ngāi Tahu in their management of our environment. Backed by his Marae and training hard with Nort Beauchamp, this match up will undoubtedly be too close to call!


Scott Kelly

Sponsored by: Clark Bros Construction
Fighting for: Cure Kids

A keen builder with Clark Bros Construction, Scott Kelly is raring to go. His first taste of boxing sees him sparring with Garey Burgess in his corner. Scotts drive in the gym will only help his campaign as he delivers some serious blows in the OneStaff Fight For Christchurch this November.


Steve Alfeld

Sponsored by: Harcourts Four Seasons
Fighting for: Conductive Education

Sitting ringside at past events wasn't quite close enough to the action for realtor Steve Alfeld. Backed by his Harcourts Four Seasons Realty Team and his trainer Fitzy, Steve dons the gloves in a powerhouse bout that is sure to deliver some hard-hitting action!


kain parsons

Sponsored by: HT Hire
Fighting for: Conductive Education

Originally a builder by trade, Kain turned his hand to project management at Versatile Garages in the wake of the earthquakes. A keen spectator at the 2017 event, Kain decided to tip his hat in the ring to raise funds for a very deserving local charity.



Sponsored by: Boxfit Spreydon
Fighting For: Cure Kids

With experience on her side, BoxFit instructor Laura Devine leapt at the opportunity to take it into the ring this November. Backing a charity very close to her heart, Laura's on a mission to take down anyone who stands in the way of her title.



Sponsored by: Newfield Roofing
Fighting For: Cure Kids

She's a mother of three and a busy salon coordinator who claimed the 'kick-ass-mum' title long before agreeing to don the gloves! Amy has been training with true grit and determination with her eyes on the prize in this heavy-hitting bout!



Sponsored by: Waghorn Builders
Fighting For: Conductive Education

Known affectionately as Benji 'the Killa Gorilla' Oppan, Benji screams dominance when he enters the room. With a look in his eye that makes even the strongest men quiver in their boots, Jason had better come prepared for a duel. Don't expect Benji to take it easy, he's physically and mentally prepared to go the full 6 minutes - but he's planning not to need them.



Sponsored by: Mike Greer Homes
Fighting For: Conductive Education

With this much fire in his heart, Jason is going to be an unstoppable force. He knows the challenge Benji will bring and he's trained damn hard to get one over his opponent in this standout heavyweight bout. If his training style is anything to go by, Jason will be a strong contender for highest number of blows connected in the 2018 event!



Starting his boxing career innocently enough as an opportunity to improve his fitness with friends, it wasn't long before Kane was taking the ring for club bouts. The ambitious Site Engineer, not yet satisfied with his mounting record, decided Aragorn would be his next target. With a spring in his step and determination to boot, this Taupo-bred contender is always looking to challenge himself, and taking on the tallest contender on the card didn't seem to phase Rugby-mad Kane



Sponsored by: Userfriendly Computing
Fighting For: Conductive Education

Computer Specialist Aragorn Urquhart has already diagnosed Kane as a virus that must be taken down. He's counting on training from the infamous Deacon Henry and his experience in gym fight-nights to lead his charge to a KO result. If his determination is as tall as he is, it'll be a tough ask to keep clear of Aragorn’s powerful left hook.



No stranger to taking knocks in this arena, Chris is already 2 from 2 in the Fight For Christchurch event series and he'll be damned if he goes down to the likes of James. Punching his way through one of the stand out matches of 2017, and fighting more since then as well, Chris will be a force to be reckoned with come November 3rd.



James is looking for a challenge and is here to support a great cause. With three corporate bouts under his belt, he's known for lighting the ring on fire. Backing down is not in his vocabulary, so Chris had better prepare to last the distance!



Leroy is certainly no beginner - he's a club bout veteran, and his experience in the ring will surely prove influential in one of the toughest matches to call on the card! He's a late addition to the OneStaff Fight For Christchurch line up, but his training has been anything but delayed. He's aiming to put Quintin back in his place in a bout you do not want to miss!



Sponsored by: Canterbury Drywall Solutions
Fighting For: Cure Kids

With two club bouts under his belt Quintin is as prepared as ever to take on the ultimate challenge. He's a firecracker fighter with fists of steel - Leroy will do well to work on his dodge as too many connections from this heavyweight fighter will undoubtedly rattle even the fiercest of opponents.

We are looking for contenders for Fight for Christchurch 2019.

Our Contender card for 2018 is now full.  However we are taking registrations for Expressions of Interest to be a Contender in 2019. This is not for the faint hearted and is an experience that will challenge you more than ever. Our contenders are trained by the best boxing coaches around including: Bryan Barry and Garey Burgess (Round 12), Brad Milner (BSM Health and Fitness), Paul Fitzy Fitzsimons (Fitz Boxing), Nort Beauchamp (1 More Round), Dave Mather and Wayne Vaega.

Training will start 12 weeks out from the event and our coaches will teach you the art of boxing. And as they say “no pain, no gain”. It will be tough!

You will need to be sponsored into the event by the company you own or work for. Previous companies have experienced an event that provided amazing team spirit getting behind and supporting their contender. Making it a “team” effort supporting your contender will galvanise and unite the team providing a unique team building experience. It’s also a night out the team will never forget!

We will assess all applications and suitability to the event. We only want people who are 110% committed. Unfortunately we cannot take everyone.

If you are still interested and up for this amazing challenge then click the button below.

All our contenders must also commit to raising funds for our recipient charities. We have the systems and processes in place to assist with this.